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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TIME Magazine: The Awesome Column

When I saw that Time magazine had a full page spread titled, "The Awesome Column," I was skeptical. Turns out, it is awesome.

This week's "Awesome Column" was about a journalist who hired a celebrity ghostwriter to write his autobiography faster than Sarah Palin wrote hers. (Palin wrote her 400-page memoir in 4 months flat. What took her so long?)

But it wasn't the journalist who I thought merited the "Awesome" header at the top of the page. It was the ghostwriter, Neil Strauss, who runs a HarperCollins imprint called Igniter, which specializes in ghostwriting celebrity autobiographies. And then selling them.

Can you imagine a better job? You work for yourself, and get to hang out with people like Marilyn Manson (in his own house!), or Dave Navarro, and listen to their stories, like how Navarro used to shoot heroin and then use the syringe to spray his blood on the walls after having pity sex with his ex-girlfriend. Pity sex.

Anyway, maybe this doesn't sound appealing to most of you. But if you're like me (a self-absorbed, immature WASP with literary aspirations but no story to tell since you're from the whitest, most boring town in the entire The New England Travel Planner), then you would understand perfectly what it is I am trying to say here.

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